The latest version of the TEASys viewer allowed us to now present the first fruits of the student groups’ work online. The first two poems are “Trench Poets” by Edgell Rickword (from the “Annotating World War 1 Poetry” group) and Shakespeare’s Sonnet 81 (from the “Annotating Sonnets” seminar).

The note sets – as is wont with our use of TEASys as a social, collaborative, scholarly annotation system – are ongoing and will become larger over time. Sonnet 81, for example, was annotated over the course of one semester by one group of students. This is, so to say, only the first round of annotations, and we look forward to further discuss, analyze and interpret this poem with others, online and in the classroom.

See the list in the “Poetry” section of our website. As the list of poems will also grow in the coming months, make sure to check back every once in a while!